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Wood HousesGarden HousesGaragesAttic RoomsPavilions & Gazebos
Wood HousesGarden HousesGaragesAttic RoomsPavilions & Gazebos
Garden FurniturePergolas & TerracesSaunaHot TubsOther Products
Garden FurniturePergolas & TerracesSaunaHot TubsOther Products

About Us

Our firm, Tibsil Ltd. was founded in 1993 from private capital. From the beginning we build wood houses. The firm has one owner who also attending the manager's duties.
We have a dynamic yearly growth, 60 percent of our yearly profit serves the continual expansion (new technologies, machines, accessories). In next few years we expect a significant infrastructural and investment growth which creates further possibilities for the building industry. From the market's view this is a favorable for the firm's economic growth.
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Why wooden houses?

11 reasons to build a wooden house:
1. Wood, as construction material
Several advantageous characteristics of the wood make of it an exceptional construction material, easily processed, versatile. It has a great strength in direction of its growth, as tree, and because it can be easily combined it may be considered a universal construction material, corresponding to almost every challenge without any problems, also it does not have static electricity, emission or radiation.
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How can you also become the owner of Tibsil wooden house?

Let's assume that you don't have enough time to handle the building, and you don't have yet the plan documentation, but you have a pretty good idea.
  • Step 1: Choose the aspect of the house and its most adequate division for you. You may choose from various models of houses that we have, and the interior division will be designed by us according to your preferences.
  • Step 2: We produce a 3D building design according to your personal wooden house, and it can be modified as you wish until the final design is ready, that is the final version.
  • Step 3: Elaborating a personal price offer: Because each house we execute has a personal design, we elaborate a different price offer for every house. At the same time with the price offer we elaborate also the documentation of the house plan.
  • Step 4: Agreement conclusion and general payment terms: As well as our houses, our agreement terms are elaborated according to your requests. In the undertaking agreement are determined the accurate details of the wooden house, requested by you, the execution periods, the transport and the payment terms.
  • Step 5: Manufacture and packaging of the wooden house is done at the company's residence.
  • Step 6: Delivery of the house on the site along with its assembling.

Briefly about assembling:

Our wooden houses arrive on the site having the shape of prefabricated elements, packed.

The foundation is provided with insulation against the wet soil, on which are assembled the elements of the walls. In case of houses with double structure we recommend the technical works of the installation (electricity, water, gas, alarms, and so on) to be accomplished simultaneously, because this way the undesirable pipes can be easily hidden into the walls. Afterwards it is assembled the structure of the roof and respectively the roof. Then follow the assembling and adjustment of doors and windows, and the eventual assembly of interior finishing, assembly of saunas, stairs.

The construction is finalized recording the delivery and receiving protocol.

Contact Us

Mobil: +4-0744-596.617
E-mail: office[at]tibsil.ro




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