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Wood Houses Garden Houses Garages Attic Rooms Pavilions & Gazebos
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Because our company would like to satisfy your wishes and to construct a house according to your imagination and style we offer the possibility for you to create your own personalized offer. All you have to do is to complete the form below. After we analyze your information which were given by you, we will give you a feedback as soon as we can. If you are interested in two or more houses please complete a different form for each request.
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Why wooden houses?

11 reasons to build a wooden house:
1. Wood, as construction material
Several advantageous characteristics of the wood make of it an exceptional construction material, easily processed, versatile. It has a great strength in direction of its growth, as tree, and because it can be easily combined it may be considered a universal construction material, corresponding to almost every challenge without any problems, also it does not have static electricity, emission or radiation.
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How can you also become the owner of Tibsil wooden house?
Let's assume that you don't have enough time to handle the building, and you don't have yet the plan documentation, but you have a pretty good idea.
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Wooden House

Brick house

If you don't have time to build… If you do have time to build…
The building process is simple and fast because of the prefabricated elements. The execution time to the semi-ready state takes to 3-4 weeks. The building process takes up a lot of time, may last for months, and last but not least because of the "water" technology.
Ecological and recyclable. Not ecologic and unrecyclable.
You may build even during winter. Construction works may be done in whatever season. Building is conditioned by season.
It results very little mud and rubble during works. It results a lot of waste and rubble until the completion of works.
Little and fast work on site, because of prefabricated elements produced in a precise manner in factory. A lot of work on site, which is prolonged enough.
The house will be transformable, extensible and easy to change, with low costs. Transformations, repairs, modifications suppose relatively a lot of work and high expenses.
The price risk for the beneficiary can be easily avoided because of the fixed contract price and the short time of execution. Expenses are more difficult to be calculated. The final cost may be harder to be foreseen.
Because of the structures of thinner walls, the effective area is larger. The effective area is smaller because of the thick walls.
Fast warming capacity. Good capacity of maintaining the warmth, but it is heating up more slowly.
Better thermal insulation, economic exploitation from an energetic point of view. Savings up to de 20-40% on heating expenses. (about 34-90 kWh/m2 per year). High heating expenses. (about 120-210 kWh/m2 per year).
Nice, cool air during summer and easy to air out. During summer, brick walls transmit more difficultly heat, so they will also radiate heat in the evening and during the night.
In wooden houses air is never too damp or too dry, because wood helps to maintain an optimum humidity in the house. Especially during the winter months it may occur that the moisture in the house deposits on the walls causing condensation and on a long term mould.
You may notice also decreasing the allergic symptoms. In case of respiratory diseases, may appear a certain sensibility..
Because of its flexibility wood assures a safe structure in case of earthquakes. Rigid, hard structure that hardly hold up in case of earthquakes.
The walls are not cold and damp. The brick house building needs a lot of water which supposes a drying period of about 10 months.
Transport, loading and unloading construction materials is easier performed because of light weight. Materials are heavier and are moved harder.
The colour, the nice and special scent of the wood has a benefic, soothing effect on the human body. Brick houses do not have these characteristics.
The houses made of log and built by us can be dismantled and then reassembled in a different location. Cannot be dismantled.




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