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About Us

Our firm, Tibsil Ltd. was founded in 1993 from private capital. From the beginning we build wood houses. The firm has one owner who also attending the manager's duties.
We have a dynamic yearly growth, 60 percent of our yearly profit serves the continual expansion (new technologies, machines, accessories). In next few years we expect a significant infrastructural and investment growth which creates further possibilities for the building industry. From the market's view this is a favorable for the firm's economic growth.
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How can you also become the owner of Tibsil wooden house?
Let's assume that you don't have enough time to handle the building, and you don't have yet the plan documentation, but you have a pretty good idea.
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Why wooden houses?

11 reasons to build a wooden house

1. Wood, as construction material

Several advantageous characteristics of the wood make of it an exceptional construction material, easily processed, versatile. It has a great strength in direction of its growth, as tree, and because it can be easily combined it may be considered a universal construction material, corresponding to almost every challenge without any problems, also it does not have static electricity, emission or radiation.

Because of the porous nature of its cells filled with air, it is not a heat conductor. By comparison with other construction materials, wood is the one with the best thermal insulation capacity. If we pay the right attention to it and it is treated adequately, wood is an especially lasting material in time, for example Venice stands on spruce columns since almost a millennium.

2. Prefabrication possibility

The prefabrication of wall and roof elements in factories, independently of season or weather, simplifies a lot the manufacture of high quality products.

A fast and clean execution of the work is guaranteed by accurate provisions. The favorable report of wood's weight and strength permits producing light elements, their transport expenses being lower, and there is no need for expensive heavy construction equipment marching on site.

3. Building time

Prefabricated elements reduce substantially the building time. Regarding the wooden parts of a house, smaller houses may be built in a few days, larger houses in a few weeks. Execution works consist almost exclusively in the assembling, in joining the elements and assembling the insulating materials.

4. Structure

The success of structural solutions with groove and tongue that we use is proven and acknowledged in a great number of Scandinavian countries and in the North America. Tibsil wooden houses are obviously manufactured being adjusted to the specific climate and in accordance with the Central European technical and administrative provisions.

5. Thermal insulation

A well done thermal insulation reduces significantly the heating expenses and the CO² emissions in the atmosphere. During the process of building a house, an efficient thermal insulation can be easily achieved, on one hand because of the wooden structure with its air bubbles that has good thermal insulating properties (λ=0,12 W/mK), and on the other hand the structure allows the set up of thick insulating layers. The compulsory thermal insulating values stated in the provisions regarding buildings may be easily exceeded.

6. Installation technique

Pipes and channels for pipes with installations may be led into the concrete of the foundation, respectively into the walls, in the interior of the structure, hiding this way the undesired cables. The finishing of the interior walls of the rooms may be chosen according to tour preferance, for example, of wainscot, floor tile, plasterboard, etc….

7. Consulting services

Our company is ready to offer consulting service, during the preparation, the design and the entire process of construction, offering competent answers to any technical problem that may arise meanwhile. We execute all complex works of wooden structure and organize construction processes according to your needs.

8. Climate of building

In winter, wooden buildings are easily heated. While in traditionally built houses with walls of brick, before the temperature reaches the desired value, the walls must first be heated with a high thermal inertia, the wooden house heats up easily. In the wooden houses does not exists the so-called heat flow, a phenomenon through which the heated walls transfer the accumulated heat even when eventually it would not be needed. The airings in the summer evenings last less because of the small capacity of heating accumulation. The low temperature difference between the walls and the air in the room prevents the formation of unpleasant air currents and condensation because of the humid air (water condensation) on walls, so even corners are protected from mould.

9. Ecological point of view

Wood saves raw materials, because it can be found in nature, trees grow continually renewing themselves. Its manufacture does not need fossil energy, and the wood factory does not need sites. Trees during their growth extract from air the gas responsible for the greenhouse effect, that is CO² and bind it to their structure. After usage, wood can be recycled so it does not pollute the environment. The treatment of wood is possible also without expensive technological solutions, its processing needing less energy in comparison to the manufacturing of other construction materials. During its treatment there is no release of harmful substances, and it can be processed entirely without wastes.

10. Recycling

The wooden structure, after the wooden house demolition, may be easily recycled – as raw material of another product, or as neuter fuel regarding the emissions of CO².

11. Health

In case of wooden houses there is a permanent balance of the humidity of air through the walls. Wood is a regenerable construction material, natural, it breathes continually through its millions of microcells, keeping the air humidity within the room at an optimum value. It assures an ideal climate also for persons suffering from respiratory diseases, you will notice the tormenting cough and lack of air disappearing. Thanks to its natural atmosphere has a benefic effect on the vegetative nervous system, offering a unique level of psychic health, assuring a pleasant general state.





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