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Our Products:

Wood HousesGarden HousesGaragesAttic RoomsPavilions & Gazebos
Wood HousesGarden HousesGaragesAttic RoomsPavilions & Gazebos
Garden FurniturePergolas & TerracesSaunaHot TubsOther Products
Garden FurniturePergolas & TerracesSaunaHot TubsOther Products

Why wooden houses?

11 reasons to build a wooden house:
1. Wood, as construction material
Several advantageous characteristics of the wood make of it an exceptional construction material, easily processed, versatile. It has a great strength in direction of its growth, as tree, and because it can be easily combined it may be considered a universal construction material, corresponding to almost every challenge without any problems, also it does not have static electricity, emission or radiation.
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How can you also become the owner of Tibsil wooden house?
Let's assume that you don't have enough time to handle the building, and you don't have yet the plan documentation, but you have a pretty good idea.
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About Us

Our firm, Tibsil Ltd. was founded in 1993 from private capital. From the beginning we build wood houses.

The firm has one owner who also attending the manager's duties.

We have a dynamic yearly growth, 60 percent of our yearly profit serves the continual expansion (new technologies, machines, accessories). In next few years we expect a significant infrastructural and investment growth which creates further possibilities for the building industry. From the market's view this is a favorable for the firm's economic growth.

The essence of our continual success and growth lies in the preservation of our clients, employees and partners trust. The continuous research makes possible to preserve and develop our firm's technical capacities. All this kind of activity must contribute to our products and jobs quality, insuring this way our client's satisfaction.

Until now our firm has built more than 5000 buildings in countries like Hungary, Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

Our products:
  • wooden houses in blockhouse system,
  • wooden houses in light frame (sandwich type) system,
  • dwelling and weekend houses, cottages,
  • roof structures, attic rooms from wood,
  • wooden garden houses,
  • garden tool storage houses,
  • wooden garages, carports,
  • wooden gazebos, pavilions, kiosks,
  • pergolas,
  • wooden garden furnitures, flower boxes, fences, doghouses,
  • wooden doors and windows.

Our services:

According to the regions tradition our firm builds small and medium houses from european spruce. Thanks to the local climate the trees grow slowly to result in outstandingly hard and tractable timber. All this gives durability and quality to the timber and to the products built from it.

Our products made from pine-tree with natural execution are garden houses, pavilions, weekend houses, tool huts, villas, garages, dwelling houses. The dwelling houses, villas or other large constructions can be made with garret or without, with flooring, terrace or without, following the client's wishes.

Technical presentation:

The buildings made from wood have many beneficial properties, because the timber completely satisfies all expectation. The advantage of the timber lies in the fact that the timber "is breathing" and naturally set's the microclimate and the humidity of the air in the house – the timber is the most efficient heat insulator, and is non contaminating material, the structure is remarkably flexible and it's cheap to.

By the ratified plan or the client's conception our products can be built very fast, because the pieces are assembled with slot-spring fitting, there's no need for nail or any other type of fixating components.

The timber consists from cells and from tissues that provide various functions – known that the structure and location of the pieces is varied – the timber has heteropolimer structure. Next to heteropolimer structure a very important condition, are the woods physical and mechanical properties – on account of construction of the woods tissue structure – they are "direction depending" and they show an important difference in function of anatomical direction.

Raw material:

As raw material for Tibsil wooden houses, we use high quality european spruce. The fir tree from Harghita specific for high forests, adapting itself to long cold winters, passes through short periods of growth, obtaining annually thick ring structures, which increase its permanency, its charging capacity, its flexibility to a multiple value in comparison to others with a weaker structure.

All timber material for assembling is dried before, under factory conditions, in a controlled manner, so that it may certainly assure a good air-proof insulation of logs, being able to minimize the after effects. The high content of resin assures the timber material a higher resistance to pests. As a result the Scandinavian countries use wooden houses for 400-600 years, and we have an example right in our town. Thanks to the technology of wood impregnation under pressure this characteristic of wood is emphasized even more.





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